LS1290 PRO

Laserscript LS1290

Size is everything

A quick glance at the large slatted aluminium bed on the LS1290 tells you that it means serious business. The 1200mm x 900mm work area means that you’ll be working with larger sheets of material and changing them less often.

The LS1290 has an 80W CO2 laser tube as standard with power upgrades of 130W and 150W also available. So whether you are processing paper, card, fabrics, leather, plastics, rubber or wood, the LS1290 is capable of serious output and you’ll find yourself finishing work faster than you expected.

Despite its size, the LS1290 can still be separated to fit through a standard single doorway, enabling you to take it to places that you didn’t expect.

Machine Specifications

Laserscript LS1290 bed

Ready for action when you are

To ensure maximum uptime and machine availability, we use only the highest quality mirrors and coated optics on the LS1290. The visible red dot pointer will tell you exactly where the work will take place, allowing you to minimise waste.

The LS1290 also has a clever pull-out offcut recovery drawer which is safely interlocked in accordance with EN 60825. The machine lid and laser tube access door are also safety interlocked to the same European standard with premium Allen Bradley CE marked coded switches to ensure compliance with CE requirements.

With a 230mm motorised bed height (Z axis) adjustment there is plenty of room for larger items and the addition of a rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical objects such as bottles and glasses.

If the LS1290 is a little on the large side for your business, please take a look at our LS1290

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The complete LS1290 package

The LS1290 comes as a complete package, so that the customer can get to work without delay. No need to find extra components, as the following are included:

  • Separate air assist compressor to disperse heat, smoke and debris from the work area
  • Fume extraction fan and flexible hoses
  • IP68 submersible water pump and 35 litre water tank
  • RDWorks software as standard. Lightburn software is available on request

Optional stand-alone fume filter and water chiller are available to perfectly integrate with the LS1290.