LS1325 Fibre Laser Metal Cutting Machine

1325 Fibre Metal Laser Cutter

Power and precision

The LS1325 is a powerful flatbed fibre laser built for cutting a variety of metals, including but not limited to steel, brass and aluminium.

Boasting a 1300 x 2500mm work area and power ranges of up to 1500W, this industrial machine is engineered to execute the most demanding applications with precision.

Alongside the machine is a chiller unit, fan system and exhaust ducting to ensure the machine runs efficiently and effectively.

Machine Specifications

Metal Laser Cutter

Built for industry

Featuring a professional onboard computer control system, automatic height control and hydraulic loading rollers, the LS1325 fibre laser excels in large cutting operations. And its 1300 x 2500mm bed means it can process a full size 8′ x 4′ sheet of material.

An EN 60825 compliant enclosure can be supplied to ensure maximum operator safety at all times.

If you require a larger machine please take a look at the LS3015. If you are looking for a smaller machine please take a look at our LS1390.

Increase production capability

Suited to both small and large organisations, this machine is guaranteed to increase productivity and manufacturing capabilities.

The fiber laser package comes complete with a gas delivery system and water chiller unit. A rear-mounted exchange table arrangement is available for quickly loading and unloading materials.

LS1325 Fiber Laser Metal Cutter Bed