LS2030 PRO Flatbed Laser Cutter

Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

Maximize production

The LS2030 PRO is an industrial sized laser cutter, designed for large scale production across various industries.

Cut through acrylic, plywood and MDF at speed thanks to the 150W laser tube.

Signmaking, panel processing and woodworking businesses can all take advantage of such a powerful machine when increasing their manufacturing workload.

Machine Specifications

Laser Cutting Machine

Power and precision

With a 2000 x 3000mm work area, this machine is the largest machine in the Laserscript CO2 laser range. In addition to the materials mentioned before, this laser can also cut and engrave a variety of other woods, plastics, fabrics, rubber and leather.

From high grade mirrors to coated lenses, we only the use the highest quality materials and components when building our machines. This ensures the expectation of reliability that comes with investment in the LS2030 is exceeded.

The assistive red dot pointer allows fast, accurate positioning of the laser to the desired work area.

If a 2000 x 3000mm work area is slightly too large, the LS2515 is a similar flatbed machine with a smaller work area.

The LS2030 PRO package

There is no need to source additional components, the LS2030 PRO comes complete with the following:

  • Air assist compressor to disperse smoke and debris from the material
  • Fume extraction unit and ducting
  • RDWorks software as standard, with the option to upgrade to Lightburn software
  • IP68 submersible water pump & 35 litre water tank to cool the laser tube

A CW4000 or CW5200 water chiller unit is recommended for this machine. Optional stand-alone fume extraction unit is available.

Industrial Laser Cutting Machine