CNC1325 Stone Router

CNC Stone Router and Cutter

Flexible and robust

The newest addition to the Laserscript range is the CNC1325 Stone Router. This solid industrial machine is suited to even the most demanding use.

This router can work through some of the most stubborn materials such as stone, marble and granite. However, is also suitable for working with metals, woods and synthetic materials.

The 4.5kW water-cooled spindle motor can achieve speeds up to 24,000RPM. Additionally, controlled acceleration and deceleration are provided using a variable frequency inverter drive, which reduces current spikes and supply issues.

Machine Specifications

CNC Router for cutting stone

Built for precision and power

  • Working Area: 1300 x 2500mm
  • Spindle: 4.5kW
  • Spindle Speed: 0-24,000RPM
  • Resolution Accuracy: <0.5mm
  • Gantry Height: 200mm
  • Interface: USB Hand Controller
  • Collet Size: ER20
  • Power: 220V (1-Phase)
  • Machine Weight: 1550KG
  • Table Type: T-Slot
  • Supported Formats: DXF, DWG, EPS, AI, BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF

What’s included

Complete with a spray feature to clear excess dust and debris from the work area.

Vectric Cut2D software is included as standard. However, other programs are available upon request. Please contact us to discuss options.

Additional options include a lathe attachment for machining cylindrical items (pictured – right).

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