LS110 Fibre Laser Engraving Machine

Laserscript LS110 fibre laser engraving machine

Unparalleled speed and flexibility

Like the LSG200, the Laserscript LS110 uses the innovative “Galvo” head arrangement with no external moving parts. Instead, a series of dynamic mirrors inside the head deflect the beam, which provides an extremely fast process time.

The LS110 uses a fibre laser source, meaning that it is capable of engraving directly onto uncoated metals. Therefore there is no need for a ceramic marking compound. Our LS110 comes with a 20W power supply and 110mm x 110mm marking area as standard. Optional marking areas of 220mm x 220mm are available upon request.

Machine Specifications

Laser Marking Metal

Flexible engraving functions

The LS100 is available with a custom made safety-interlocked enclosure in accordance with EN 60825, providing maximum operator safety.

Through innovative modification of machine settings via the included software interface it is possible to achieve a wide variety of results in different materials. Coated and anodised metals produce particularly impressive results, but the LS110 performs equally well on uncoated metals.

Laser engraving of precious and soft metals is also possible without the need for an additional marking compound.

In comparison, our LSG200 CO2 laser engraving machine is a lower cost alternative to the LS110 and is capable of engraving coated metals and non-metallic products. It will mark onto non-coated metals but only if a ceramic marking compound is applied to the target component prior to engraving.

How fast do you want to go ?

Without question, the outstanding advantage of the LS110 is the flexibility to engrave both metallic and non-metallic components with incredible speed and accuracy.

Before the marking process commences, it provides a visible red trace of the area. Thereby allowing the operator can precisely align the target component. The engraving process is initiated once the enclosure doors are secured and the incredible speed of the LS110 can then be witnessed.

The standard 130mm bed height (Z axis) adjustment can be varied upon request to suit particular components and applications. Depending upon the size and shape of the range of target components, the cabinet enclosure can also be custom-built to suit.

Laserscript LS110 fibre laser engraving machine