LSE110 Fibre Laser Engraving Machine

Fiber Marker Laser Engraver

Built for speed and precision

The Laserscript LSE110 boasts the rapid “Galvo” head arrangement with no external moving parts. A series of dynamic mirrors inside the head direct the beam, delivering an extremely fast process time.

Unlike our LS110 laser marker, which can be customized to fit the size and shape of the work being processed, the LSE110 has a fixed cabinet size and is therefore limited to smaller pieces, usually less than 200mm cubed. Like all our laser machines, the LSE110 is assembled, tested, and CE certified in the United Kingdom.

It is able to engrave uncoated metals directly without the need to use a ceramic marking compound.

Machine Specifications

Laser Marking Stainless Steel

Safety and performance

The LSE110 comes with a safety-interlocked enclosure in accordance with EN 60825 as standard. This ensures maximum operator safety and optimal fume extraction.

It is possible to achieve a wide range of results in different materials by modifying system settings with the included software interface. The LSE110 produces impressive results on coated and anodized metals, but it also performs admirably on uncoated metals.

Laser engraving of precious and soft metals is also possible without the need to apply a marking compound.

Our LSG200 CO2 laser engraver, on the other hand, is a less expensive alternative to the LSE110 and can engrave non-metallic objects and coated metals. It can etch non-coated metals, but only if a ceramic marking compound is applied to the material beforehand.

For a fiber laser marker with a custom made safety enclosure, please see the LS110.

Engrave at lightning speed

As with the LSE110, the flexibility of engraving both metallic and non-metallic objects at rapid speeds is a huge advantage.

A red trace of the design is projected onto the work area before the laser begins engraving. This allow the operator to position the target material accordingly. Once the door of the enclosure has been locked the machine displays its lightning engraving speed.

The bed height (Z axis) can be adjusted up to 110mm to accommodate components of different shapes and sizes.

Metal Engraving Machine