LSG200 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Laserscript LS200 Galvo marking machine

Incredible speed and accuracy

A conventional CO2 laser machine engraves material by making multiple passes across the work and moving forward following each pass. The Laserscript LSG200 instead uses a clever “Galvo” head arrangement with no external moving parts. The laser beam is deflected from a series of dynamic mirrors inside the head. This provides an extremely fast process time, far in excess of a conventional CO2 machine.

Like a conventional CO2 engraving machine, the LSG200 will engrave many non-metallic objects along with coated metals. In order to engrave uncoated metals it is necessary to first apply a ceramic marking compound to the target component. The engraving process burns the compound into the surface of the target component. Any surplus compound is then washed away, leaving an attractive and permanent marking.

Machine Specifications

Laserscript LSG200 engraving machine

Reliable, safe, permanent marking

The LSG200 is equipped with a 60W CO2 laser tube as standard and can be upgraded to an 80W long life option upon request. The engraving area is carefully assessed by application and the focus lens specified to provided maximum clarity across the entire engraving area. With 100mm x 100mm engraving area as standard, we are also able to offer options of 200mm x 200mm and 300mm x 300mm.

The table height offers a 320mm Z axis adjustment to provide maximum flexibility of component size and shape. A customised safety-interlocked enclosure is also available to provide maximum operator safety in compliance with EN 60825.

Looking for increased processing speeds or the ability to mark onto bare metals? Then check out our LS110 fibre laser engraving machine, which has a fully integrated laser fibre source. This allows it to engrave onto uncoated metals without the use of a ceramic marking compound.

Rapid cutting of non-metallics

The Laserscript LSG200 is also capable of extremely high speed cutting of non-metallic objects. Within the maximum working areas mentioned above, the LSG is capable of cutting and engraving in a single operation. Typically used with sheet materials such as paper, card, plastics, rubbers, fabrics and leather.

Combine the LSG200 laser engraving machine with a CW4000 water chiller units and you have an extremely high speed engraving and light cutting machine capable of incredible production rates 24/7.

Laserscript LS200 engraving machine