LS3060 PRO

Laserscript LS3060

Flexible and free standing

The Laserscript LS3060 is the smallest of our free-standing PRO machines, but still packs a punch when it comes to flexibility and reliability.

The standard laser tube offered with this model is 40W but it can easily be upgraded to a 50W or 60W option. Upgrading offers the potential for faster cutting speeds and the option to cut thicker materials.

The 200mm motorised bed height mechanism provides a convenient means of focus adjustment for larger objects. Additionally, it means that it is perfectly suited for the use of rotary devices, allowing you to engrave cylindrical objects.

Naturally, the LS3060 is also equipped with a visible red dot pointer for perfectly aligning your material before starting work.

Machine Specifications

Laserscript LS3060

Larger bed and power options = increased productivity

The 300mm x 600mm slatted aluminium bed of the LS3060 really starts to prove its worth when the potential for larger materials and increased productivity are realised.

The standard 50W water cooled CO2 glass laser tube is suitable for engraving and cutting a wide range of materials such as paper, card, fabrics, leather, plastics, rubber and wood. You’ll also be able to engrave onto slate, stone marble and glass. Opting for extra power of the 60W laser tube will further increase the machines capabilities. As a result, you can even mark onto uncoated metals with the aid of a ceramic marking compound.

We use only the highest quality mirrors and coated lenses in the LS3060, selected and engineered to provide reliability and long-life. A red-dot pointer and clever work area test function provide you with a safe, visual indication of the engraving / cutting area, allowing you to position your materials perfectly every time.

If you are looking to budget for a smaller machine please take a look at our LS3040

Similarly, if you feel that you need a larger bed size for increased productivity please head over to our LS6840 page.

The complete LS3060 package

The LS3060 comes as a complete package, so that the customer can get to work without delay. No need to go out and find extra components, as it includes the following:

  • Separate air assist compressor to disperse heat, smoke and debris from the work area
  • Fume extraction fan and flexible hoses
  • IP68 submersible water pump and 35 litre water tank
  • RDWorks software as standard. Lightburn software is available on request.

Optional stand-alone fume filter and water chiller are available to perfectly integrate with the LS3060.

Laserscript LS3060