LS6840 PRO

Laserscript LS6840

A step-up in professionalism

One look at the Laserscript LS6840 and its heavy-duty cabinet construction and close-fitting panels tells you that you’re in the professional league of laser engraving and cutting machines.

The standard laser tube power is 50W but it can quickly and easily be upgraded to 60W to provide faster processing or the capability to process thicker materials.

The Z-axis adjustment grants 130mm of vertical movement, and for maximum convenience, all bed height adjustment is motorised. This variable bed height enables the LS6840 to integrate with a rotary engraving device. Thereby allowing you the option to engrave cylindrical objects such as bottles and glasses.

As you would expect, the LS6840 is equipped with a visible red dot pointer for perfectly lining up your material for accurate processing and minimal waste.

Machine Specifications

Laserscript LS6840 open

Flexibility by design

The Laserscript LS6840 outshines its competition in many ways. For instance, the clever way in which it can separate from its base allowing for easier transportation to challenging locations.

The 680mm x 400mm bed size offers the perfect blend of efficiency and productivity whilst retaining a compact and professional feel.

The standard 50W water cooled CO2 glass laser tube is suitable for working with a wide range of products. Precisely cut or engrave materials such as paper, card, fabrics, leather, plastics, rubber and wood, to name a few. Likewise, slate, stone, marble and glass can all be engraved. Using the additional power of the 60W laser tube option will only increase the machines capabilities. You’ll even be able to mark uncoated metals with the use of a ceramic marking compound.

As with all other machines in the Laserscript range, we use only the highest quality optics, including mirrors and coated lenses. It is this attention to detail and commitment to quality that makes the LS6840 the perfect companion for professionals and home users alike.

The complete LS6840 package

The LS6840 comes as a complete package, so that the customer can get to work without delay. No need to go out and find extra components, as it includes the following:

  • Separate air assist compressor to disperse heat, smoke and debris from the work area
  • Fume extraction fan and flexible hoses
  • IP68 submersible water pump and 35 litre water tank
  • RDWorks software as standard. Lightburn software is available on request

Optional stand-alone fume filter and water chiller are available to perfectly integrate with the LS6840.

Laserscript LS6840